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    NASCAR The Game 2011 Q&As (2011 DLC Updated)

    Below is a list of Q/A's that explain some of the features in NTG 2011

    Q. What is the difference between a Patch and DLC?
    A. A patch is an update for a game that features bug fixes and game improvements and is Free. DLC (Downloadable Content) includes extra features that add new game modes, cars, tracks and other features dependent upon the game and is normally paid for, however the NASCAR The Game 2011 DLC that features the new Cars, Tracks and Rules will be Free.

    Q. How do I download and install the Patch? (Xbox 360)
    A. You will need to have your Xbox 360 connected to the Internet and you will also need at least a Free Xbox Live Silver Account. As long as you are connected to the internet and logged into Xbox Live you should be prompted to download and install the patch as soon as the game starts booting up.
    How to connect the Xbox 360 to the Internet
    How to create a Xbox Live Account

    Q. How do I download and install the Patch? (Playstation 3)
    A. You will need to have your Playstation 3 connected to the Internet and you will also need a Free PSN (Playstation Network) account. As long as you are connected to the internet and logged into PSN you should be prompted to download and install the patch as soon as the game starts booting up.
    How to connect the PlayStation 3 to the Internet
    How to create a PlayStation Network Account

    Q. How do I download and install the NASCAR The Game 2011 DLC?
    A. Details to follow when confirmed

    Q. Why are there no mirrors in NASCAR The Game 2011?
    A. Our initial technical specification for the game was very ambitious which included 43 cars on track each modeled with an individual body shape, interior and engine, along with a cutting edge damage system and fully animated drivers. In addition, we have highly detailed tracks and custom paint schemes and it all runs at 30fps. We simply pushed the consoles to their limit. We also found that the Proximity Radar would allow you to see not only the car directly behind you but also all of the cars around you.

    Q. Why is Watkins Glen pit road on the wrong side of the track?
    A. As Watkins Glen is the only track in the season to feature pits on the right hand side of the track we would have needed to completely re-motion capture and re-work all of the animation of the pit crew, this would also involve re-modelling the cars so that the fuel cap would be on the other side. After careful consideration we thought that all of the time and resource involved in doing this task would be better invested in making greater improvements to other areas of the game.

    Q. Why can you type one letter/number at a time in the paint booth (Xbox 360)?
    A. We had to make it so you could only enter single text characters to comply with our publishers and 1st party submissions policy.

    Q. Why does the game not register my Steering Wheel?
    A. If you have a controller connected to your console using port 1 and then plug your steering wheel in it will be assigned to port 2 and will not always register correctly. To resolve this simply turn off your console and then turn it back on using the button on the steering wheel, this will assign port 1 to your Steering Wheel.

    Q. How do I calibrate my Steering Wheel?
    A. You can adjust various Steering Wheel settings within the main menu by selecting Options Controls Advanced option (Xbox 360 press the Y Button) (PS3 press the Triangle Button). At the Controls screen you can also press Select(PS3)/Back(360) for help

    Q. How can I change my Car/Driver for online play?
    A. From Patch #2 well be adding an option to change online car.

    Q. Why cant I completely turn off all of the HUD?
    A. We are adding the option to turn everything in the HUD off in Patch #2

    Q. So what's with the Caution Flags?
    A. It was a design decision to only call a Caution under extreme circumstance to stop people cheating by simply causing a Caution to catch up with the pack. In hind sight this was a wrong decision and it will be re-worked in Patch #2.

    Q. Why do I get an Illegal Pit Entry when I crash in to the pit lane?
    A. We didn't want to have people being able to drive in the pit lane as they could cause major issues hence why the A.I. drives the player in the pit lane when they pass the commitment line. If you enter the pit lane any other way you are given a black flag so we can put you under A.I. control. We're looking in to how this system can be improved in future patches.

    Q. How do I change the track in an Online Lobby?
    A. You can Veto the current track by pressing Square on the PS3 and X on the Xbox 360. If enough people vote then the track will change. You can only do this when everyone is back in the Lobby after racing i.e. when the counter starts.

    Q. What happened to the Adaptive A.I. setting?
    A. Instead of having a fixed setting we decided to use "rubber banding" in game. This is where cars will slow down a certain amount if they get too far ahead of the player. Likewise if the player pulls ahead of the field, the A.I. will speed up. There are limits to how much the A.I. will slow down and speed up per difficulty level.

    Q. Why can't other people see my custom paint scheme when I go online?
    A. This is a specific issue on XBox 360 where under the terms and conditions set down by Microsoft, the game must incorporate an abuse reporting system if user generated content is allowed to be transmitted and then viewed by others. We weren't able to implement this in time for release. We are working with Microsoft on a possible solution for the near future.

    Q. Why are there Camping World Truck Series/Nationwide Series drivers in the game?
    A. We approached all of the NASCAR Sprint Cup drivers and asked them if they would like to appear in the game. Those that haven't made the roster either didn't respond in time or didn't want to be in the game. Rather than have made up drivers in the game we then asked some of the Camping World Truck Series/Nationwide Series drivers if they would like to be in the game.

    This list will be added to on a regular basis.
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    NASCAR The Game 2011 Q&As Post Patch

    Q. Why are the cautions still not working after the patch?
    If you use the Quick Race option to start a multiplayer game, cautions are turned off by default and will only be called if a car lands on its roof. To play with cautions on you just need to select the 'CHOOSE A RACE' option and then after selecting your track, make sure the race type is set to Hardcore.

    Q. Why am I being kicked from the lobby just before the race starts?
    Just before a race starts, the game checks to see if everybody can connect to each other. If there is somebody who has a bad connection in the lobby that some players can't see the game will remove that player. A way to resolve this problem is to ensure that your NAT is set to OPEN you can find a guide on how to do this HERE

    Q. Why are the headlights not showing on my custom paint scheme?
    There's options in the paint booth to change the settings of the Headlights. The choices are Off, Underlay and Overlay and you can select these by pressing the Y (Yellow) Button (360) or Triangle Button (PS3). Underlay will place the headlights under any decals and overlay will place the headlight on top of any decals, off just turns them off.

    Q. Why does my car keep becoming loose?
    This is generally felt after you’ve had a massive spin. During the spin, your rear tires tend to overheat making it difficult to get traction. Generally when trying to rejoin the track, the tires spin up more compounding the issue. The more the tires spin, the hotter they become and the less grip they exhibit making the car feel loose in the corners. Driver carefully for a lap or pitting to change the tires will make the car handle normally.

    Q. Why does the Multiplayer Menu soft lock/hang after selecting Quick Race from the Multiplayer Menu.
    This is a known issue that we are currently investigating.
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    Q. I've downloaded the 2011 DLC but I can't see any of the 2011 Cars or Paint Schemes.
    A. To be able to use the 2011 Cars and Paint Schemes you'll need to put the game in to 2011 mode. You do this by restarting your career and choosing the 2011 season. You can restart your career by selecting 'Career' at the main menu and then selecting 'Restart Career' you will receive a warning saying you will loose all your current career date, select 'Yes'. You'll then be presented with a screen asking you to select which season you wish to race choose '2011'
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