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    Post Nascar 2011: The problems that i have noticed

    I am glad to see that the company is attempting to fix the problems with this game because it is a really great game its just that there are some problems that keep it from being an excellent game.

    - The sound coming off of pit road is choppy. (Anytime when exiting pits)
    -The damage of course is being looked into but its not what i expected it to be. I expected when you had a wreak with another car that the damage would be more intense. I notice when flipping the car if it comes back onto all four wheels that the car has virtually no damage.
    -The game also freezes. It freezes sometimes when racing and most of the time i can get it to freeze when the driver is celebrating on top of the car, throwing the champagne everywhere and you hit the button to skip it and it freezes.
    -The black flag coming out and telling you there is a illegal pit road entry is annoying.
    -When trying to downshift, the response is not quick. I have to hit it 2 or 3 times and its not the controller, because i have 3 and they all do the same thing.
    -When having to downshift to avoid something or just slow quickly, once you do downshift the acceleration is not as quick of a response as i expect. It seems its holding you back.
    -The celebration timer is annoying also because you just start having fun and then its done. The timer should either be more or be eliminated.
    -Tire marks on the track don't have the depth that they would in real life. And the smoke is not as thick as they would when your sliding or doing a donut or burnout in real life.
    -The multiplayer slit screen offline only has 19 drivers. Which with your buddy and you it would be 21 but it should be all 43 cars 41 + 2 = 43 including your buddy and you.

    These are just some off the problems that i see. I am sure they will also come out with the new points system, new nose and the new track lineup in the next month or so but these are the things that i see and im hoping someone else sees these problems so they can address them so they can be fixed. Other than that im sure there are other things that are problems with this game but these are the ones i can remember off the top of my head.

    Thank You Eutechnyx for bringing back nascar and im sure that yall can fix the issues people are having with this game because in this age with the internet and updates and patches and dlc, I know it is possible.

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    Welcome to the forum and thanks for your feedback.

    Please don't take offence here but all of these issues except the down shifting problems have been reported so I'm going to close this thread and move it to the Suggestions forum.

    If you can report the down shifting problem in the Bug Reporting forum that would be awesome.

    You'll find a thread called How To Report Bugs there please use that as a template.

    Again thanks for your support

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